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Reggie Miller, Chris Webber agree: Nets on the rise, not getting ‘love’

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Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

During a conference call Tuesday to promote Sunday’s All-Star Game, both Reggie Miller and Chris Webber spoke about the Nets’ rise and how, as Miller suggested, the Nets “absolutely” will have a shot at the NBA’s top free agents this summer.

“Why not? Absolutely. Why not?” Miller said. “And I’m still surprised that the Nets aren’t getting more national love just for the simple fact of what they’ve done. Obviously, they’ve had injuries. [Caris] LeVert just came back, but [Spencer] Dinwiddie went down. The first-time All-Star D’Angelo Russell, Jarrett [Allen] in the middle, this team plays hard. They play together, they play for one another.

“And we talk about young teams, sometimes jealousy [comes into play], and whose team is it can kind of divide young teams. I don’t get a sense of that with the Brooklyn Nets.”

Miller also suggested that the Nets, now the six seed with a 29-29 record, won’t be an easy out in the playoffs either.

“I still believe they’re going to make the playoffs, and they can make some noise if healthy because they have closers. They have finishers,” Miller said. “I really do enjoy watching this team.”

His fellow TNT analyst Webber said Brooklyn is easy to root for.

“To me, they’ve defined themselves recently, and that’s with playing hard,” said Webber. “They play hard every night.

“This is something that players and fans started noticing about three years ago, and then with the trade for [D’Angelo] Russell and the consistency of effort that’s been proven, they’ve become, for a lot of fans that I know, kind of sentimental favorites, just respecting them and a team being under the radar.

“They’re someone that you can root for very easily. They kind of play with the heart we saw with the Celtics the last few years when they had injuries.”

Webber also, inexplicably, said the Knicks are moving in the right direction, contending with the arrival of GM Scott Perry, “things have quieted down from the drama side.” Kristaps Porzingis might disagree.