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Nets popularity starting to rise as their prospects improve

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Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

No one is trumpeting it... yet. But the Nets winning ways are finally starting to have an effect on the team’s popularity, measured in a number of ways.

On December 5, just before the Nets eight-game winning streak began, average home attendance was 13,862, dead last in the NBA. After this week’s homestand (and a 21-10 run), the Nets average home attendance is now at 14,407, Still 30th, and still the lowest in the Brooklyn era, but nevertheless a discernible and healthy jump.

The Nets success —and yes, the Knicks’ franchise worst run— has helped not just in selling seats, but also on the airwaves. Bob Raismann who covers sports media for the Daily News, reports the Nets ratings on the YES Network are up nine percent while the Knicks are down 44 percent. Viewers are starting to figure out which team is more entertaining.

Also, ESPN decided to add another Nets game to the schedule. It will be the Nets and Thunder on March 13, not the Heat and Pistons.

A number of sites that cover the team have also seen a jump, according to reporters’ scuttlebutt. NetsDaily, for example, has gained more than 500 Twitter followers (up to 23,100) since the run began. A jump like usually doesn’t happen unless the team adds a star player, like a Jeremy Lin or D’Angelo Russell.

And in a Hoopshype survey of players who’ve increased their Twitter following the most during the last month, the Nos. 3 through 5 were Rodions Kurucs, Jarrett Allen and Spencer Dinwiddie.

Will it continue? As long as the Nets win and put an entertaining product on the court. Winning does have a tendency to cure everything.