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D’Angelo Russell gets NBA2K19 upgrade, too!

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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Only a couple hours after being named an Eastern Conference All-Star, NBA2K19 released their latest ratings update; All-Star Ratings Update. Russell received a +2 boost from an 84 to an 86.

In addition to his rating boost, Russell was awarded the Clutch Performer Badge. The badge is about offense and steps up his play during big games and big moments in the NBA2K19 video game.

Russell was one of 10 NBA players to receive a +2 boost to their rating. Rodions Kurucs was also one of the 10 and now is a 77 rating.

The +2 boost the Nets All-Star received should not come as a surprise. Russell had a historic month of January averaging 23.8 points, 7.3 assists and nearly four rebounds while shooting 48/41/85. He also averaged fewer than three turnovers and more than one steal.

Russell’s phenomenal play helped the Nets go undefeated at the Barclays Center and go 11-and-4 in the month of January. The Nets All-Star hit 52 threes in the month of January, the highest in franchise history and the most threes hit by an Eastern Conference player in that month.

If that does not sound impressive enough, Russell scored 357 points in the month; the most by a Nets player since the franchise relocated to Brooklyn in 2012.

Now an 86 rated player and an Eastern Conference All-Star, if Russell keeps up his dominate play, we could see the Nets guard receive another boost in the near future.