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Zach Lowe ribs Dzanan Musa about his ‘ambition’

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Zach Lowe, in his weekly “Ten NBA things I like and don’t like,” gently ribs Dzanan Musa for his “ambition-to-talent ratio,” as evidenced by his willingness to fire up three’s despite a percentage under 20 percent...

Hypothesis: Musa has the largest ambition-to-talent ratio of any current player. One of the unexpected pleasures in Brooklyn’s wave of injuries has been watching Musa, thrust into duty, attempting acts of brazen individualism usually reserved for superstars. My man will go 1-on-3 in transition even if all three defenders are taller and more athletic than he is.

Going 7-of-40 from deep (17.5%!) has not sapped Musa’s bravado. Open catch-and-shoot 3s from just beyond the arc bore him. Musa lives for 28-footers.

Sometimes, he does make them...

The best part of Musa flying too close to the sun is the aftermath. He seems legitimately astonished that any act of derring-do has failed.

I’m not even mad. I’m kind of impressed. I like to think Musa approaches the New York dating scene with the same unflappable confidence.

None of this is meant to render final judgment. Musa is only 20. He shot 36% on 3s in the G League. He has some craft to his game. Bravery will serve him well.

In other words, carry on, Dzanan!