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VIDEO: Pooch reviews 2019, top-10 Nets in the decade and the latest on Kyrie Irving

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Brooklyn Nets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Puccio, aka “Pooch”, touches on all things in the past year, along with all the top Nets players in the past decade in Episode 90 of State of the Nets.

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The following is an outline for the Periscope:

State of the Nets Episode 90: Nets New Year Special

1:30 – 3:50: The latest around the Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie

3:51 – 7:29: Kyrie Irving reports

7:30 – 10:04: The silver lining during the injury-ridden season

10:15 - 13:00: Looking back at the past year -- the most transformational year in Nets history

13:09 – 23:00: My top-10 Nets players in the decade


24:00 – 29:50: Should Caris LeVert come off the bench? What went wrong with Deron Williams?

30:00 - 35:07: Kyrie/Dinwiddie co-existing; Jarrett Allen’s development; Importance of stability at coaching spot with Kenny Atkinson;

36:00 - 39:00: How long with Kyrie be out? Nicolas Claxton; Would Nets trade Joe Harris?

39:05 – 42:12: The Reform Alliance

42:20 – 48:22: Kenny Atkinson taking leaps as a coach; Joe Harris discount? Kobe Bryant at the Nets game; Who fits into the offense better, Kyrie and KD?

48:30 – 55:20: Integrating Kyrie; “Bridge year”; Can Nwaba return to form? My favorite team to watch other than the Nets; Analyzing the Miami Heat and their culture

55:30 – 1:08: Best place to eat at Barclays Center; Who has developed the most on the Nets? DeAndre Jordan’s leadership; Life talk and controlling what you can control

1:09 – 1:10:31: Closing statement: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!