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Kevin Durant surprises 40 homeless kids at holiday party

Kevin Durant surprised 40 homeless children from New York on Wednesday night, as part of the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation’s (KDCF) annual tradition of holiday programming and ongoing philanthropic efforts,

Durant visited the Coalition for the Homeless (CFTH) not only making the holiday happier for the children whose families are currently facing homelessness but also pointing up the worsening homless crisis in the city.

Explaining that he’s now part of the city, KD spoke with the Children and their parents...

  • Of the 40 children, 32 of were from CFTH’s Bound for Success program in Brooklyn, which aims to provide students with one-on-one tutoring, sports and recreation every day after school and during the summer.
  • Eight of the children were from two families featured in a recent New York Times article that shed a light on everyday life of homeless families in NYC ... and noted that 114,000 children in the city’s schools are homeless.

Additionally, KDCF announced it will be providing CFTH with a grant to support their Bound for Success program.

Last month, Jarrett Allen hosted his third annual Meals + Math Thanksgiving event, where he gave groceries for the holiday to 25 local children and their families and also educate on math and budgeting. The children in Allen’s initiative came from Children of Promise, an after-school program and summer day camp specifically designed to meet the needs, interests and concerns of children left behind by a parent serving time in prison.

Look for more Saturday.