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The most versatile air horn was alive and well at Barclays Center on Wednesday

So, I’m at home watching the Nets on YES because I’m sick with strep. Usually I’d be there and probably not notice these types of things, but boy was I glad that I did. It was bizarre, yet hilarious on so many levels.

What is it that I speak of? Only the most versatile air horn in the air horn game.

Serious stuff.

I always try to look for DeAndre Jordan and Jarrett Allen’s pregame routine in which DJ makes sure Jarrett’s fro is in-check moments before tip. Every game is something different. Wednesday, DJ grabbed an air horn to use as a hairdryer for the immaculate fro.

If ONLY we knew how important this air horn, aka hairdryer, aka BUZZER!

The Nets/Barclays Center experienced some sort of technical difficulty with the buzzer. So, every time there was a sub, or the shot clock/game clock expired, you’d hear the infamous air horn.

I, personally, thought I was hearing/seeing things. Damn NyQuil.

But, I sure as heck wasn’t. When there was a sub, it happened - every. single. time. Ian Eagle made the whole situation even funnier with his candid reactions that perfectly summed up how we were all feeling about the situation. Like, what in God’s name is going on?!

It was bizarre yet hilarious in that it brought back good memories of playing AAU in the inner cities, where they’d have someone over the microphone counting down, “5-4-3-2-1...” followed by an air horn noise. For the older fans in the building, they’d tell you it reminded them of the ABA. But it was also bizarre because it was minor league-ish.

Hey, I get it, stuff happens. You can even say it fits Brooklyn’s brand in that it’s a street ball vibe. To me, it really isn’t that important but it IS so bizarre for an NBA game in 2019 to resort to an air horn, aka the buzzer, aka the greatest hair dryer in all of the world.

Unfortunately, it gave out with 3.3 seconds left in the first half, and they had to get another air horn. So long, friend.

But the second air horn... that one had some serious ring to it. Like, enough to scare DeAndre Jordan in the second half. He’s a bench player. You’d think he would’ve been used to it, but nah. This one had some moxie to it.

This isn’t the first time this has happened...

Quick shout to Mike Mazzeo, who reminded me of the time the Nets and Raptors played and this happened IN A PLAYOFF GAME! You want to talk about minor league? Oh my. At least for the Nets, this was in Toronto, not Brooklyn.

As the clock winded down, you heard a voice counting down, “5-4-3-2-1...” followed by the air horn.

“ESPN caused the shot clocks to malfunction during Game 1 Saturday between the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre when it tried to solve an internal issue by plugging into the same power source for the shot clocks, causing the power source to fry, a person familiar with the situation told USA TODAY Sports. The person requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the cause of the malfunction.”

Whatever, man. It really isn’t a big deal (O.K. it most definitely is during a playoff game).

But shout out to the people that actually have to deal with the issue firsthand. Travis, who has worked at Barclays Center for years now, was the man of the hour, smiling every time he hit that button and let the 14,000+ fans know that it was time for a substitution, or timeout, or end of play.

Michael Grady was all over the scene, shouting out Travis throughout the telecast.

The joy in Travis’ face when he hits that horn is the happiness we all need in our lives.

Just thank heavens no one offered up a vuvuzela.