Somebody has got to go...but who?

The NETS have until Saturday to drop someone to allow Wilson Chandler to be re-activated. Wilson will get a few minutes for the next several games, and after that, if he is in game shape and playing well, he will get consistent minutes.

So who is leaving?

Musa has shot poorly, but he was a first round pick and one year in the G-League is not enough of an investment in a first round pick.

Nwaba has played well in very limited minutes. Maybe well enough to be traded for a second round pick?

Kurucs played well on a .500 team last year. Clearly, he is messed up right now, and has gotten the least amount of burn. But do we keep him because of what he did for us last season?

Pinson is much better off the court, than he is on the court. The NETS signed him undrafted, and don't have a big investment in him. He has skills, but shooting is not one of them. HE is not a point guard, and he can't shoot well enough to be a SG.

Unless Sean can pull off a trade or two way manipulation and who he cuts can be resigned to a two way contract, I think one of these players is gone.

If I were GM...I would cut one Pinson and one of the two ways, and hope Pinson clears waivers, and then resign him to that open two way contract. Neither of our two way players this season have game.

But if Pinson is dispatched and we can't resign him,, because someone picks him up on waivers, then we have an opening for a bench cheerleader. Based on what I saw on SNL last Saturday, I would hire JLO to cheer on the sidelines........I would pay big money to go to a game where she is leading the cheering.....