Derrick Favors and The Nets? AND Allen and Jordan and mystery 5?

He was the third pick in his draft. He had a solid time in UTAH, but went for the money, in a league where EVERYBODY has to shoot and make the three. Is he injured or coming back from injury? Or is he just not part of the Pelicans' plans going forward? If you were Sean Marks, what would you give the Pels in exchange for a 4-5 who can defend and finish? Remember that draft? The John Wall draft? Who was the #2? Evan Turner, a border line bust. Who else was in that draft? Who else has been successful?

AND...what of Mr. Jordan? We have a two week West Coast Trip coming up, and Jordan is going to miss all of it. AND we could easily be 3-9 when the trip is over...Allen played well against poor competition in the Pel's bigs last night. But he has not played well overall, so far.

So...who else is out there for Sean to pick up to fill the Chandler roster spot? Who are the unsigned players? Which 5 back up is getting zero playing time and is a distraction to his team? Do we dare throw Claxton in and see what he does? Throwing him in, when he is so green and so "light" could damage him for the long term. If anybody needs to go to the G-League, it's Claxton.

If Sean can sign someone bigger than 6-9 on a ten day contract? Someone who can defend and rebound at least a little? I think it is Sean's job to bring in a big. That said, who was guarding Brandon Ingram last night when he dropped 40 on us? Thank G-d the analytics say that you shoot 3's and layups and forget the midrange game. Most of Ingram's damage was done in the midrange. That is why they lost.