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The first Nets City Edition merch has officially dropped online!

Looking for the Coogi-style Nets jersey? Here’s the Biggie version, and more stuff!

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So, I know all Nets fans are well aware of the new Bed-Stuy city edition jersey drops. It’s been well-documented that there is a split audience when it comes to those.

The Nets will wear these jerseys 28 times this year, as Matt Brooks wrote about when he attended the unveiling of the new jerseys for NetsDaily.

The jersey itself is simple, yet flashy in a sense. Paying homage to Biggie’s borough, the chest features an iconic “Bed Stuy” logo designed by Eric Haze, the same Brooklyn designer who was behind October’s statement jerseys. Down both sides of Brooklyn’s crispy new unis is that classic Brooklyn camo print, which contrasts brilliantly with the jersey’s white base. Everything else about the jersey is fairly congruent to what we’ve seen so far from Brooklyn’s design team, whether that be the font choice for the numbers and names or even the small “Infor” insignia.

Does your opinion change knowing that they have “Biggie” on the back, the #72 (the year of his birth) and the coogi on the sides?

Well, here’s the first look at those jerseys, live and available on Fanatics for purchase. A little something for the holidays?

Below is some of the additional “Bed-Stuy” city edition gear for purchase. Kinda like the both hats, if you ask me.

What do you think?

Biggie Nike 2019/20 Biggie Swingman Jersey White for $175