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Knicks PR wants you to know that they didn’t ‘get’ Richard Jefferson’s joke

New Orleans Pelicans v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images

I’m going to skip much of the context here because it’s not necessary. You only need to know that during Sunday night’s YES Network broadcast of Nets vs. Knicks at MSG, Richard Jefferson made a joke about the Knicks that was, well, just listen...

Right. Cute burn, let’s move on.

Well, Jefferson then went on to clarify, publicly, letting people know he was being sarcastic. It sucks when you have to explain the joke, but...

Cool. Everyone was in on the joke. Michael Rappaport was doing something, his own thing. But, got it, now we’re definitely ready to move on. Nothing needs to be said. Kill it. Joke over.



Twenty hours go by and not everyone has moved on. Sorry, all of us have moved on - except one person.

The Knicks did NOT try to sign Richard Jefferson in 2018 and 2019. They did not get Richard Jefferson’s joke. And they did not want to go silently without telling you they didn’t get the joke.

It’s like going to a comedy show and getting called out by the comedian, from the stage, and then the next night calling the person you were with and going “Hey, you know that thing that comedian said about me last night from the stage? It’s not true.”


As of now, the tweet remains up. And Richard Jefferson remains several steps ahead of the Knicks PR team.