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Rodions Kurucs back in court January 8 as lawyer complains prosecutors not cooperating

NY Post via Twitter

Rodions Kurucs will be back in Kings County Criminal court on January 8. The date was set early Tuesday after a hearing in which Kurucs lawyer once again complained that the prosecution hasn’t provided state’s evidence to the defense.

Kurucs’ legal team has wanted a quick trial, remaining steadfast in their desire to take the domestic assault allegations head-on, all the while accusing the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office of dawdling.

So, lawyer Alex Spiro motioned for another hearing, the judge, Kerry Ward agreed and he’ll be back in court on January 8, The Nets will be in town that week, playing the Thunder on the the 6th and Heat on the 10th.

At issue for the defense, Spiro told the court, is that no additional evidence —eyewitness testimony, photographs or 911 call records, etc.— has been provided him during the 90-day discovery period. Prosecutors have to provide the defense with evidence within 90 days of the arrest. Kurucs was arrested on September 3, meaning the deadline is the week after Thanksgiving.

Later, Spiro told reporters that the prosecution had failed to even produce any “earwitness” testimony, which is testimony from a witness who heard – but did not see – the crime.

The Nets forward arrived at 9 a.m. on the dot Tuesday for his court appearance, dressed to the nines in a spiffy plaid suit. While some of the other court attendees fidgeted and shifted anxiously, Kurucs maintained a stoic, balanced nature, chatting with those nearby prior to the start of the morning’s proceedings.

Rodi’s wait time didn’t last long. His name was the first called on the court docket, and he rose from his seat along with his lawyer, Alex Spiro. The hearing itself moved rapidly.

As a reminder, Kurucs is facing some nasty accusations. The assault allegedly occurred on June 27 in his Gowanus, Brooklyn apartment. According to the New York Post, an argument between Kurucs and his then-girlfriend spiraled out of control, leading the Nets’ forward to grab a knife and threaten, “I am going to kill myself.”

The 21-year-old Latvian allegedly began choking the woman before pushing her on the bed, slapping her in the face twice, biting her lip and pushing her into the bed frame. His girlfriend reportedly suffered a rib injury from falling off the bed and had to go to the hospital.

This was the second time Spiro denied the allegations and complained to reporters that the District Attorney had not produced the necessary evidence he and his client needed for their defense.