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Kyrie Irving caught ... handing out $100 bills to Chicago kids

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Denver Nuggets Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

TMZ is reporting that prior to the Nets Bulls game on Saturday, Kyrie Irving was spotted handing out “appears to be hundred dollar bills” to a group of Chicago kids. The scene: outside the Nets team bus...

Here’s how TMZ described the scene...

The Nets’ superstar point guard was greeted by a group of fans Saturday in Chi-Town, where we’re told Kyrie took some time to chop it up with a group of youngsters. He went even further than that though ... handing out cold hard cash to the kids too.

TMZ Sports got ahold of video showing KI handing out what appears to be hundred dollar bills to the group that had congregated around the team bus. It looks like he dishes out a few bills he’s got on hand, and toward the end ... seems to give away a stack.

Check it out ... Kyrie asks who’s in charge of the group of kids -- and it seems like an adult answers him off-camera. Kyrie hands that person what looks to be more than just one hundred dollar bill ... and tells them to take care of the kids with it. Super nice, right?!

As TMZ added, the act paid off in karma. Even with Irving on the bench, the Nets won.