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Live Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets vs. Houston Rockets, 7:00 PM EST

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets score a ton of points, the Brooklyn Nets give up a ton of points. Get ready, this one’s going to be bonkers.

James Harden and the Rockets dropped 159 points - in regulation! - on the Wizards earlier this week. Meanwhile, Brooklyn ranks 22nd in the league in Defensive Rating (the Rockets are 29th, btw).

How’s that 240.5 over/under going to hold up tonight?

WHO: Nets vs. Rockets

WHEN: 7:00 PM EST - early start, as the game is nationally televised

WHERE: YES / ESPN (tv), WFAN 101.9FM (radio), Barclays Center (live)


Life is funny sometimes. Rockets fans have had beef with Westbrook for years and roasted him every time the Thunder lost in the first round. And then the Rockets traded for him. Since joining the Rockets, Westbrook has been fantastic. One interesting thing to note with Russ is the amount of shots he’s taken inside of three feet. Per Basketball-Reference, close to 41 percent of his shots has come within three feet of the rim. And to make it better, he’s made 81 percent of those shots. If Westbrook can avoid taking too many threes, he’ll be picture perfect with Houston. Might even become a fan favorite, too.

For more on the Rockets, check out The Dream Shake:

As for the Rockets, the formula for winning is the same as it’s always been: play defense outscore your opponents. Houston’s defense has been worse than abysmal, and if that doesn’t change the Rockets could be home for the postseason. Yes, they are 3-1 but the good teams in the Western Conference are not going to roll over like the teams that Houston has beaten.

James Harden finally got going against Washington and hopefully that’s a good sign moving forward. No one expected The Beard to continue shooting poorly but it was nice to see him hit 18-32 from the field. I’ve been Russell Westbrook’s harshest critic, yet so far his intensity has permeated to the rest of the team and has helped the Rockets fight through their characteristic lethargic spells.