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Brooklyn Brigade sends a delegation to China

The Nets are on their way to Shanghai aboard their charter ... and as it turns out so is a group of Nets fans from the Brooklyn Brigade. Led by Brigade founder Bobby Edemeka and his sister, Deedee, about 10 Brigade members are making their way to the Far East ... on their own.

Following a team on the road has long produced a number of great stories but this isn’t driving to Buffalo in a blizzard. It’s going halfway around the world for a preseason game. And no doubt, a few of them are visiting China for the first time.

Valerie Williams, a long time Nets fan and an NYC Transit worker, proudly brought her US passport —with its Chinese visa— to the Nets Practice in the Park Saturday...

She told NetsDaily she had stunned new CEO David Levy with the news. Let’s hope she and everyone else gets star treatment on arrival. The Nets play the Lakers on Thursday and Saturday, with live NBA TV coverage beginning at 7:30 a.m.