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Brooklyn Nets embark upon new journey in preseason opener

Brooklyn Nets All-Access Practice Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Hey everybody. After a fun summer, the Brooklyn Nets are back in action as they begin a new journey. Here at NetsDaily, we'll be highlighting every step of the way and we're glad you're here with us.

The opponent tonight will be Sesi Franca Basquete. The club is based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil and tonight will be the first time they've ever played against an NBA team.

Where to follow the game

YES Network on TV. Tip off after 7:30. Ian Eagle, Sarah Kustok and Michael Grady have the call. The game is also on NBA TV and will be preceded there by a season preview starting at 7 p.m.


Kyrie Irving broke his face a few days ago and will sit this one out. He's fine though. Joe Harris will probably sit this one out as he's slowing the pace down from a jam packed summer. And for the first time: Kevin Durant is recovering from his June 12 surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon in his right leg. The expectation is that he’ll be out for the season.

The game

The good thing about preseason is it gives you a chance to fine tune some things. For everyone at Barclays and watching at home, it'll be a chance to see their brand new court.

Not to be outdone, they'll be breaking out their new City edition jerseys at their Practice at the Park event in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Saturday. The weather promises to be fairly nice.

After that event, the Nets will head to China on Sunday to play a two game set with the new look Los Angeles Lakers. That should be fun and could be the most watched game in NBA history.

Sesi Franca hopes to use this friendly as a measuring stick of sorts. Their head coach, Helinho, had this to say about the state of their club:

We are at an important moment and we managed to reach the final of the Paulista for the third time in a row, which leaves us motivated to do our best possible work against the Nets

The club does have a reputation for finding talent. A player we might become familiar with in the future, Didi Louzada, played for Sesi last year. He was taken at No. 35 in the Draft by New Orleans and stashed in Sydney. Here's a little bit more on the New Orleans Pelicans' draft and stash.

Although not a veteran of Basquete, the Nets assistant coach, Tiago Splitter, will be a center of attention as the NBA’s first Brazilian assistant coach. The game is being broadcast nationwide in Brazil.

“Our expectation is huge. We are very proud of the invitation. This will be an opportunity to gain more experience, something that will be very important for the sequel of the season. This match is the culmination for us: facing the Brooklyn Nets in the United States is the crowning of a beautiful year we had,” said Luis Prior, president of Sesi Franca.

One good thing about the Nets situation is that they have a capable player to run the show while Irving heals and gets fully acclimated to Kenny Atkinson's offense.

Player to watch: Jarett Allen

It was a nice summer for the 'fro. He had a good showing during the summer with Team USA and is someone that will play a key role in Brooklyn's plans going forward. He's in a battle for the starting center spot with DeAndre Jordan, and it's been good for both parties so far according to DJ:

“I think it’s going great. Jarrett is a great young player. He’s proven to be a great rim protector and he’s getting even better each year. And we’re definitely challenging him every day in practice. I think for us being able to battle against each other every day is going to be good not only for us individually but great for our team.”

Iron sharpens iron.

It’s uncertain as of now who will start at the 5 Friday night.

From the Vault

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