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Is Kevin Durant kidding about finishing his career in Barcelona?

It’s big news in Spain.

Kevin Durant appeared on Serge Ibaka’s show “How hungry are you” Monday and revealed that once his NBA career is done, he said he’d like to finish his time on the court with FC Barcelona and the Euroleague.

When asked by Ibaka if he would consider playing in Europe, Durant responded: “I really want to play overseas my last season. At Barcelona. I would, one of these days. That’s the second-best league in the world. EuroLeague games look fun. I don’t know for a fact if I’ll do it, it’s just me sitting on a couch, dreaming but it would be cool to experience it.”

F.C. Barcelona took the bait.

“I’m not surprised,” Barca coach Svetislav Pesic said per Mundo Deportivo. “He knows the basketball situation outside of the NBA because he has played with the national team several times with the national team, winning the World Cup (2010) in Turkey for example.

“It’s a sign that some things have changed in the last five or 10 years because before, players of this level didn’t know that there was another [type of] basketball. Now they know because basketball is a global sport.

“He will have a place with our team but not this year… the next one,” Pesic added. Too bad, Svetislav. KD is under contract with the Nets for the next four years. Maybe then, when he’s 35.

Barcelona has been hoping for years that Pau Gasol would finish his career where it all began in the Catalan capital, but Gasol keeps signing short-term deals in the NBA. He’s currently in Portland which is about as far away from Barcelona as can be imagined. It also flirted with the idea of luring Kobe Bryant, according to Spanish reports. Nothing there either.