Lot of Work to Be Done

It's early, the Nets have a lot of new players, and it will obviously take some time to gel.

But we've seen a few common trends thus far that have prevented the Nets from getting a good jump out of the gate against lesser competition.

Let's start with the missed free throws. Those came back to haunt the Nets in the season opening loss, and both the Nets and the Knicks struggled from the line on Friday. The Nets did shoot 81% last night, a market improvement, and we'll take that most nights. But a missed free throw by Din in the closing seconds left the door open for Crowder to hit the game-winning three. NBA players should hit 80% from the line, no excuses.

Another common theme in the early going is the Nets are not defending the 3 point line well. This began in the last preseason game against Toronto and has continued through the first 3 games of the regular season. The T-Wolves and the Knicks lit up the Nets from 3. The Grizzlies didn't necessarily torch them. But they gave Crowder a wide open look to win the game. Inexcusable.

Lastly, let's talk a bit about the turnovers. I don't expect the NBA to keep up the emphasis on the traveling violations. So those should come down. But we've a lot of sloppy passing. The failed Dinwiddie lobs to Jordan against Minnesota. The forced passes to Allen in traffic by Levert against the Knicks. I suspect the timing will be solved in time, and as the players get more used to playing together.

All of these issues that have plagued the Nets in the early going are fixable. The positives are that Kyrie is a legit superstar, something the Nets haven't had since they dealt Vince. Allen and Jordan are cleaning up on the glass. Joe Harris is playing like Joe Harris. And despite a few rough moments, I think it's evident Levert is going to make the leap to being an All-Star player this year.

The Nets could easily be 3-0 instead of 1-2. Let's see how they're looking at the 20 game mark. Presuming the Nets tighten the perimeter defense, knock down the gimmes at the line and take care of the ball, they'll get back on track and compete in the East.