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Rodions Kurucs lawyer says prosecutors haven’t turned over evidence of assault

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Alex Spero, Kurucs’ Rodions Kurucs lawyer in a domestic violence, told reporters after Kurucs latest court hearing that the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, which brought the charges has not yet produced the evidence he and his client need to defense.

As a result, Kurucs spent very little time in Brooklyn court Monday and the next hearing has been postponed until November 19. Prosecutors have a 90-day deadline for providing evidence to defendants under state law. Kurucs was arrested on September 3.

It’s not surprising for criminal cases to move slowly in New York, with multiple postponements. The New York Post reported that the altercation at the center of the case Kurucs took place of assaulting his 32-year-old live-in girlfriend June 27 in their Gowanus, Brooklyn, apartment.

During an argument, according to the Post’s sources, the 21-year-old Latvian allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to kill himself. Kurucs then redirected his rage toward his partner, dropping the knife to allegedly grab her by the neck, throw her on the bed and slap her. Charges weren’t brought for two months after the incident.

His girlfriend suffered a rib injury during the alleged assault from falling off the bed and had to go to an area hospital, officials and sources said. Spero has noted that despite all that, the two went on vacation to Las Vegas the next day.

Under league rules, the NBA can place Kurucs on administrative leave even before the case is adjudicated if an internal report recommends so. Also, he’d be subject to a suspension if he pleads or is found guilty, even to a lesser charge.