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Sean Marks to Michael Grady: Nets got tired of ‘moral victories’

Michael Grady caught up with Sean Marks in Boston (scene of the crime) Monday and asked him what he thought had turned his team around, going from eight straight losses to a 12-3 run that has put the Nets in playoff contention.

Marks admits he really doesn’t know what did it, particularly with Caris LeVert, recovering from a tough injury. But he did hazard a guess: failing to close out games against good teams.

“No more moral victories.”

Here’s the video...

And here are the highlights, provided by Chris Lavino... @ChrisLavinio

“You know it’s been an interesting one, right? Lot of ups and downs. There’s been a bit of turmoil here and there, but for the most part it’s been exciting to see the resolve and the resiliency the guys have fought through.”

“That not only includes the players, but includes the coaching staff too. I’m really pleased with how things have turned out so far.”

“You know, it’s one of those things I wish you could put your finger on….was it this incident, was it this play, game. But, I’m not sure exactly what it was. I can go back to a couple of these close losses that these guy have had.”

“No more moral victories. No more of these close losses. We’re tired of that. Obviously with the Caris injury, the next group had to try and figure out how to play together.”

“Myself, along with Kenny, coaches, and also the players, we just don’t want to be satisfied. You can’t be satisfied that we’re close to a playoff spot, or just sneaking in there.”

“We’ve got to continue to build. And, we have to continue to see how guys handle a slight bit of success because we can never be satisfied with a win here or there.”

No hints about what Marks and his minions might do next, but one thing you didn’t hear him say, something he’s said a multitude of times ... that the Nets are “a long, long way away.”