Joe Harris isn't in the three point contest, and that's a crime. Unless he is.

A bit of twitter controversy broke out Saturday night over the inclusion, or lack thereof, of Joe Harris in the All-Star Weekend Three Point Contest. Harris is currently third in three-point shooting percentage at .468, and has taken over five per game, many of those against starting defenses. While no official announcement has been made, Spencer Dinwiddie tweeted Saturday night -

we’ve had beef in the past but not selecting Joe to the 3pt contest is the last straw! AS OF MONDAY IM GOING ON STRIKE   (And I will not re evaluate this decision for approximately 3weeks)

Earlier in the day Jared Dudley had tweeted that the inclusion of both Stephen and Seth Curry could unfairly lead to the exclusion of Harris. Dudley put forth the argument that while Seth had an admirable percentage, his lower number of shots per game (2.8) and game situations made him less deserving of inclusion. He did not begrudge Curry being in the contest, only if it came at the expense of Harris.

Jared Dudley Retweeted Yemi Ajibola

Joe Harris is a starter that is game planned for! The difficulty of 3s he shoots on a daily basics doesn’t compare. Like I said before he shots over five 3’s a game!Not saying they all can’t be in the contest! But better be one of them

Jared Dudley Retweeted Yemi Ajibola

Newsday columnist Greg Logan was among many other twitter denizens taking up the Harris mantle.

bypassing for three-point contest on weekend shows it's about marquee names, not real competition. So, take it for what it's worth and hope rest helps down the stretch for .


Both Curry's were later announced as being part of the contest, however the full field has not yet been announced. It could be that Dinwiddie had advanced knowledge of the participants, or may have merely jumped the gun.