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Nets waive Alan Williams who heads off to China

Long Island Nets

In a surprise move, the Nets waived two-way player Alan Williams, who’s led the G League in rebounding most of this season for the Long Island Nets. The 6’8”, 261-pound center is headed to China where he’s likely to make a lot more money.

Williams, 25, had played three seasons with the Suns before knee surgery last year and was a surprise two-way signing by the Nets on September 24.

Williams wouldn’t have been able to earn more than $385,000 this season as a two-way even assuming he got called up to the Nets later this season. The G League base salary is only $77,500. In China, he can make several million dollars. The parting was amicable.

Kenny Atkinson acknowledged before the Pelicans game that the Nets had a chance to do right by Williams and let him go “somewhere he could help himself financially.”

The Nets now have until January 15 to sign a player to a new two-way contract. The Nets currently have one two-way, undrafted rookie Theo Pinson, a 6’7” swingman. Over the weekend, the 23-year-old Pinson had a triple double for Long Island on Friday and scored his first NBA points Saturday night, finishing with six points, seven rebounds and four assists in 27 minutes.

In 17 games, Williams, known as Big Sauce, averaged 21 points and 14.7 rebounds, the league high, while shooting 52 percent. In recent games, he’s taken to shooting three-pointers, hitting 2-of-4 in last two games.