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2019 NBA Draft

And what about a big man? Will Nets address size in the Draft, free agency?

Nets Draft 2019: Draft Night Wonders and Blunders

DRAFT WATCH #8 - Four days away ... and a new prospect emerges

Woj: Nets have inquired about Anthony Davis


DRAFT WATCH #7 - The pool is basically set

Shams: Nets among four teams most likely to bid for Anthony Davis

FILM STUDY: Assessing Bol Bol’s Boom-or-Bust Potential

Nets planning to draft back-up big?

FILM STUDY: Would PJ Washington give Brooklyn the Stretch-4 it’s longed for?

First in a series of pre-draft film studies Reed Wallach is putting together.

Deadlines & Commitments - No. 130

DRAFT WATCH #6 - Post-lottery mocks like Bol Bol for Nets

With Nets out of the lottery, what’s their draft situation?

NBA Draft tickets go on sale Friday

STASH REPORT: French guard bursts out of pack

The big change: Nets plan on going big-game hunting

What’s next for Nets? It’s a business

Kevin Pelton: How Nets rebuild should make the NBA rethink tanking.

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 129

DRAFT WATCH #5 - Positions set, but will Nets use all three picks?

After tie is broken, Nets to pick 17th, 27th and 31st in NBA Draft

NetsDaily poster GNYR has followed the Nets draft situation all year and on Friday he watched the bouncing balls as the NBA broke various ties, including one between the Nets and Magic.

Beck: Among Big Market Big Four, Nets in good shape

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 128

NWO: NBA Draft notes from the Big East and Atlantic 10 Tournaments

Bryan Fonseca was back and forth between the Atlantic 10 and Big East Tournaments, gathering intel on potential NBA prospects, the Nets Work Out. There aren’t many, but there is a surprise.

DRAFT WATCH #4 - Where we going?

Deadlines and Commitments - No. 127

DRAFT WATCH #3 - No Zion for you!

The Nets and the value of second round picks

What Rodions Kurucs success proves about the Nets drive for second rounders.

DRAFT WATCH #2 - Moving out of the Lottery?

This is the year we’ve been waiting for

NETS WORKOUT: Prospects not named Zion or RJ steal MSG spotlight

In between Net games, our Bryan Fonseca was at Madison Square Garden covering the big ESPN-aired Duke vs Texas Tech battle this past Thursday. While we all know about RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson, two others with ‘Net-friendly’ styles stole the show at MSG.

DRAFT WATCH #1: Draft strength is Nets strength, too


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