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High School teammate has D’Angelo Russell’s back

Cleveland Cavaliers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

When a fan who calls himself “nba guru” roasted D’Angelo Russell Tuesday, Ben Simmons had his back.

Guru, aka Matt Shippey, contended on Instagram that DLo wasn’t a top 25 point guard.

After another fan suggested Guru be “rossted”, Simmons stepped in and said simply “you’re tripping.”

Simmons and DLo have a history. They were high school teammates at Florida’s Monteverde Academy, winning a national title.

Here’s some highlights...

Indeed, DLo is a bit of a lightning rod for fans. After being drafted No. 2 overall, he went through the Nick Young Snapchat magilla and had Magic Johnson diss him when introducing Lonzo Ball as the Lakers’ savior. Not a leader was Magic’s message.

Then after a great start last season, he required knee surgery and missed 34 games. The Nets then eased him back into the lineup.

DLo has been, by all accounts, been resolute this off-season, working on his strength and explosiveness. The Nets coaching staff has praised his work ethic and are excited about the upcoming season. Kenny Atkinson has been particularly outspoken on his point guard and has called his court vision “elite.”

Still, there are doubters. So much so that we tweeted out a mock apology for our faith in him.

Like his high school teammate, DLo was economical in his response.