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Do NBA2k19 ratings matter to players? You be the judge!

Over the past couple of NBA seasons, players have publicly reacted to their NBA 2K player ratings ... and usually not positively. With NBA2K19 now on the market and player ratings and statistics now public, a couple of Nets players have reacted to their player ratings.

Here are the full player overall and potential ratings for the Brooklyn Nets via Bryan Fonseca.

D’Angelo Russell: 83 overall, 86 potential

Spencer Dinwiddie: 79, 79

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson: 78, 79

Jarrett Allen: 78, 78

DeMarre Carroll: 77, 78

Caris LeVert: 76, 79

Allen Crabbe: 76, 78

Kenneth Faried: 76, 77

Ed Davis: 76, 77

Shabazz Napier: 76, 76

Joe Harris: 75, 76

Jared Dudley: 72, 76

Dzanan Musa: 71, 83

Rodions Kurucs: 69, 79

Spencer Dinwiddie took to Twitter to respond to his NBA2K19 player rating. Little to say the least, looks like Dinwiddie approves his player rating.

As the list shows, the Nets only have one player who is above an 80 player rating: D’Angelo Russell, who could have a breakout year. (Dzanan Musa has an 83 potential rating.)

At the NBA2K19 Launch Event in Brooklyn, New York on Aug. 29, Russell spoke about how he feels about his 83 player rating.

“I don’t really care to be honest with you. I figure out how to play with myself and I make it work,” he told me.

The Nets point guard did comment on Dinwiddie’s 2K play.

“He is nice on 2K.”

Despite Russell claim that he doesn’t care much about his player rating, he is a huge fan of the video game. At the event, he played the game against his brother.

One day later, he went on to play New York Knicks guard Frank Ntilikina. Both players played with their squad but no official word on who won the game. (There were reports Ntilikina won, but we’re not going there.)

Then, this past Monday, Russell was back with the NBA2K19 antics and engaged in (literal) trash talk with Donovan Mitchell.

That could be an indication the two have already played each other. Of course, Mitchell and Russell are known to be good friends. In May 2018, the two guards went on vacation with their partners to the Bahamas. (DLo also went to the Greek isles with another friend, Devin Booker, later in the summer.)

So although they tell the media they don’t care, there’s enough evidence to suggest that indeed they do. (By the way, Jimmy Butler’s rating is 89, down from 90)