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Brooklyn Nets putting money where their mouths are ... in Section 114

The Brooklyn Nets are offering free season tickets to fans willing to show up to all home games.

Brooklyn Brigade Brooklyn Nets

If you’re a Brooklyn Nets fan, the organization might have an offer you can’t refuse.

The Nets are teaming up with the Brooklyn Brigade in effort to build a loud and committed fanbase in Section 114 at Barclays, which is being renamed, “The Block: Home of the Brooklyn Brigade.” Although “The Block” is built on the Brigade’s six-year history of energetic support, it’s open to any Nets fan who wants to amplify what the Brigade has done for years.

Under it, dozens of fans have a chance to win FREE SEASON TICKETS! The number of tickets hasn’t been set yet, but the Nets want to fill that section as best they can with their most loyal followers ... an exchange of tickets for “your passion, energy, and Nets pride,” as promotional materials note.

The catch? The Nets want hardcore fans who are willing and able to bring energy and passion for all the team’s 42 home games, the preseason game October 3 and the team’s 41 regular season dates. And yes, there is an application process and auditions ... 7:30 next Wednesday night on the small Practice Court at Barclays Center.

Here’s what Brigade founder Bobby Edemeka wrote to Brigade loyalists in an email last week:

Over the past six seasons, the Brooklyn Brigade has literally made a name for itself among the Nets faithful by providing unwavering vigorous and vociferous support for our beloved Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Nets organization has certainly taken notice of our efforts and, over the years, they have recognized and rewarded our unparalleled support in a number of ways that have been well-appreciated.

As you all know, “Brigade games” have historically represented only a portion of the full home game schedule (typically 1/3 of total home games). One of my chief goals for The Brigade has always been to eventually increase our membership ranks to the point where we can sustain a presence at every home game. As a testament to the tremendous energy and positivity that the Brooklyn Brigade provides whenever we are in the building, the Brooklyn Nets share that same goal.

The Nets and the Brigade have started tweeting out details the last few days...

Aided by D’Angelo Russell, whose tweet includes a link to the application...

The application is also available on the Nets official website.

It asks other questions like “How do you celebrate your Nets fandom?” and “When did you become a Nets fan?” “What was your favorite Nets moment from last season?”

What about the auditions next Wednesday night? Word is that a panel of judges —which will include Edemeka and maybe a Nets celebrity or two — will interview fans, then break them into groups who will cheer a simulated five-on-five game on the practice court. Who’s playing? No word, but don’t expect Nets players.

Edemeka advises those showing up to wear as much Nets and Brooklyn Brigade gear as they can. Bring signs too, he advises. Applicants will be judged on enthusiasm and creativity among other things.

The winners will be chosen in time for “The Block” to be filled for the Nets’ preseason game October 3 vs. the Knicks. How many fans will wind up with tickets? No word yet but dozens is a good guess.

Edemeka started buying tickets for fans when the team moved from New Jersey to his hometown borough in 2012. NetsDaily posters clamored for the community spirit and a section where they could be too loud, too passionate about their Nets. Thus, The crowd originally called themselves “Loud and Proud” section, then the “Brooklyn Brigade.”

The Nets have worked with the Brigade since, providing a number of amenities, including free gear and receptions with Sean Marks (who reportedly has pushed the idea internally), Trajan Langdon, Irina Pavlova and Brett Yormark, a couple of them hosted in Mikhail Prokhorov’s double suite at mid-court.

Now, however, it’s moving to a new level but staying in the same section.