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With Dr. J No. 2 on Nets’ all-time list, looks like Jason Kidd is No. 1

jason kidd retirement

With Julius Erving chosen at No. 2, it’s a given that the top player in the ranking of the Nets best players is Jason Kidd. There was no other competition for the top spot other than Erving. With him at No. 2, the Hall of Fame’s latest entry has to be No. 1.

The Nets in-house beat writer Tom Dowd, who ranked the 25 and did thumbnail summaries of each player’s contributions, has written that the selections for the All-Time Top 25 Team were made “with no input from the Brooklyn Nets organization.”

As for criteria, Dowd said selections were based on “a combination of individual performance, team success and their contribution to it, and longevity with the franchise.”

The choices include Nets from both the ABA and NBA eras and from New York, New Jersey and Brooklyn. Of the 25, including Kidd, six played in the ABA. The team with the most selections: the 2001-02 Eastern Conference champs, with five players —Kidd at No. 1, Richard Jefferson at No. 8; Kerry Kittles at No. 10; Kenyon Martin at No. 11 and Keith Van Horn at No. 12.

The list includes the franchise’s all time leaders in points (Brook Lopez), scoring average (Rick Barry), rebounds (Buck Williams) and assists, steals, and triple doubles (Kidd.)

Who’s not on the list? Deron Williams, Jayson Williams and Chris Morris seem to be the biggest omissions. But you can decide.

To review, here’s how we got there.

No. 25 - Stephon Marbury.

No. 24 - Albert King.

No. 23 - Bernard King.

No. 22 - Billy Paultz.

No. 21 - Michael Ray Richardson

No. 20 - Darryl Dawkins

No. 19 - Mike Gminski

No. 18 - Kenny Anderson.

No. 17 - Joe Johnson

No. 16 - Brian Taylor

No. 15 - Bill Melchionni.

No. 14 - Derrick Coleman

No. 13 - Otis Birdsong

No. 12 - Keith Van Horn

No. 11 - Kenyon Martin.

No. 10 - Kerry Kittles.

No. 9 - John Williamson

No. 8 - Richard Jefferson

No. 7 - Rick Barry

No. 6 - Drazen Petrovic

No. 5 - Brook Lopez

No. 4 - Vince Carter

No. 3 - Buck Williams

No. 2 - Julius Erving