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Dzanan Musa: ‘I want to show that a serious team can count on me’

SB Nation/Ridiculous Upside

In an interview this weekend with Radiosarajevo in Bosnia, Dzanan Musa said his goal for this coming season is showing he can be counted on ... as well as physical development.

Asked what are his ambitions in his first year with the Nets, Musa quickly replied, “Physical progress and show that a serious team can count on me,” according to a Google translation of the interview.

Musa apparently has already made progress on that first goal. He tweeted last week that he now weight 211 pounds, up 15 pounds from June when he arrived in New York for the NBA Draft.

“As far as my physical predisposition is concerned, no one has to worry, I have put on seven kilograms in a 25-day period so I do not have to have any disadvantages by the start of the season, and I will try to give my team immediate input,” explained Musa.

He added that he’s “perfecting” his game everyday at the HSS Training Center. Musa, taken 29th in the first round of the Draft, is back home for the first time since June, preparing for Team Bosnia’s last two games in the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers.

Musa also reiterated that D’Angelo Russell was the first Net to embrace him after the Draft. “We immediately saw each other and even got together in his home,” said Musa who at 19 is only three years younger than DLo.

He added that the team often socializes together. “Many live nearby, so we meet often.”

As for New York, Musa said, “It’s beautiful. Live much more beautiful than you can imagine. Very nice ambiance.”

As for Brooklyn itself, he said his favorite thing is that “At every step in Brooklyn you have a basketball court. Everyone plays and everyone dreams about the NBA.”

Musa added that he prefers Italian cuisine, and he has found a restaurant that serves traditional Bosnian food. Being a Brooklynite, though, his favorite restaurant is Peter Luger.

“The steak, I could eat on a daily basis.”