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Uh-oh, Nets-Knicks Twitter War ... or something

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NBA: Brooklyn Nets at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It started when Metta World Peace, aka Ron Artest, aka some many things, made his prediction for the Eastern Conference Finals...

Makes sense for World Peace, of course. Those are his fave Eastern Conference teams. Spencer Dinwiddie, however, took offense.

Stefan Bondy, never above fanning the flames, played his part.

As if on cue, the Turkish Delight checked in...

Dinwiddie, whose wit is quite a bit, responded...

The “King” reference goes back to Kanter’s failed trolling of King James, aka LeBron, last season.

Well, you can imagine the response among Knick fans who whoops and shrieked that the Nets were 0-4 vs. the Knicks last year, failing to also note that 1) the glorious Manhattanites won exactly one more game than the Nets, 29-to-28, and 2) No NBA team has lost more games in this MILLENNIUM than the Knicks. THIS MILLENNIUM!!

Dinwiddie was advised to be humble (why?) and a Knick fan —who advertises that he even has a PH.D!— accused NetsDaily of being “SB Nation’s Info Wars site.” Will the banality ever cease for these guys? (The answer is a decided no.)

Dinwiddie, (sorta) playing the role of diplomat, (sorta) tried to (sorta) tamp things down Tuesday morning.

In the end, as GNYR notes in his tweet...

For the record, the Nets open Barclays Center this season with the Knicks on October 19, then travel to MSG on October 29. Plenty of time for a lot more trolling.