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At Dwightmare’s end, a fitting tribute to the greatest almost-Net

Was it Dwightmare VI or VII that finally put the kabosh on the Nets long pursuit of Dwight Howard? We lost count. But now after the buyout and request for waivers, it is, finally after so many years, over, o-v-e-r.

And what would such a long history with one team be without a farewell video? Normally, such videos are shown on an arena big board with fans both melancholic and nostalgic. But this is different, of course. The farewell won’t be shown anywhere near Barclays Center. Just on the web. And the fans? They’re just confused.

Rob Lopez of World Wide Wob knows from farewell videos and from Dwightmares, so he put together this (sorta, kinda) tribute to Dwight’s time with the Nets. Roll it.

And so we bid fond adieu to you, our hero Dwight, still the only superstar to ever demand a trade to the Nets. You gave us some great copy.