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D’Angelo Russell: ‘This song is for my haters’

Borrowing the lyrics of J.Cole’s “Blow Up,” D’Angelo Russell has put together a minute-long video of his off-season workout routine, entitled, “This song is for my haters.”

The video shows DLo, looking stronger, working alone or with his $155 million buddy, Devin Booker, in what looks like a variety of gyms.

In fact, the Internet is filled with videos of DLo workouts, like this one early in July, posted by his personal trainer.

The Nets have been very happy with his workout routine this summer. The 22-year-old has been showing up at HSS Training Center as early as 9 a.m. and other videos have shown him on the court past sunset. Moreover, Russell has been working out regularly with Dzanan Musa, who he’s taken under his wing.

DLo is also featured this week in the Nets promotion of a visit by Manchester City of the Premier League to Brooklyn.

Face of the franchise, baby.