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Jared Dudley clears the air on infamous tweet about the Nets in 2011

... Will Nets fans forgive him?

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Dudley is officially a Brooklyn Net. He was introduced to the media on Wednesday and he sounds excited to get going.

But there was some things that needed clarification between Dudley and the fans. Dudley sent out an infamous tweet in 2011 when the Nets were in New Jersey, questioning why Dwight Howard wanted to go there.

It caused (and is still causing) outrage among Nets Nation, as Dudley suddenly became one of the most disliked players in the NBA within the fanbase.

Well, now he’s on the Nets and he wanted to make it clear that his tweet was not to be taken in an offensive way.

“If anyone knows me, I feel like I’m half-media, half-player as it is,” Dudley said. “I was just talking about the situation. I remember one for me was why KD went to Golden State. So I’m always asking, pushing the envelope of why players do it. It was no disrespect towards Brooklyn as an organization. If anything, I was telling people two years ago I almost signed here. I actually thought…me and my wife were looking at places, as a matter of fact. So for that, I’ve always wanted to be in New York. So there should be no problem.”

It was his second time explaining himself. When the trade took place, Dudley responded to fans and defended his case.

I mean, he’s even giving a fan tickets to the home opener. I think we can give the guy a break. After all, this was seven years ago.

So, all is cool? Cool. Welcome to the Nets, Jared.