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Trail Blazer fans not pleased with Stauskas-for-Davis ‘trade’

Portland Trail Blazers v Miami Heat Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

The Trail Blazers finally got something back from the Nets but Portland fans are not happy.

After trading Allen Crabbe for Andrew Nicholson last July and permitting the Nets to sign Ed Davis at a very reasonable $4.4 million Sunday morning, Portland took on Nets free agent Nik Stauskas. Chris Haynes of ESPN broke the news at 2:25 a.m...

The deal is a one-year, veterans minimum contract, about as low a risk as possible.

How did Blazers’ fans react to what looked like a Davis-for-Stauskas trade. Not well. Davis was a fan favorite and they noted that Stauskas has no playoff experience, having played for the Kings, 76ers and Nets. Jason Quick, the long time Blazers beat writer, summed it up in a few early morning tweets.

He was not alone as many Blazers fans suggested that Sean Marks had taken advantage of Neil Olshey, Blazers GM. Then there was Damian Lillard’s reaction...

And C.J. McCollum’s reaction to Lillard’s reaction...

Dave Deckard of Blazers Edge, the Nets sister site in Portland, wrote about the deal Sunday, first acknowledging that Davis’ back-to-the-basket game, heavy on rebounding, light on shooting game isn’t in fashion and Davis will probably be replaced easily. But, he added...

Those things are beside the point, however. The real issue is this: Davis was well worth that contract. It was a steal at one year. He played well, was well-liked, and ended up as a valuable reserve for the Blazers. Under normal circumstances, there’s no way they should have surrendered him to that kind of counter-offer. Under normal circumstances, if that’s what Davis wanted and what the market would bear, they should have thrown an arm across his shoulder, reminded him that packing up a house is far more of a pain than staying in one, and welcomed him back home. Under normal circumstances, re-signing Ed Davis was a no-brainer.

Deckard also referred to Davis as “an incredible, heart-filled, blue-collar player.” Sounds good. As for Stauskas, the fan reaction was a hearty “meh.”

Stauskas was included in the December 2017 trade that brought Jahlil Okafor and the Knicks 2019 second rounder to the Nets for Trevor Booker. He shot 40 percent from 3-point range this season. He played in 41 games, averaged 4.4 points in 12.8 minutes.

The 6’6” Michigan product scored 22 points in his Brooklyn debut on December. 15, hitting 6-of-9 overall and going 5-for-7 from 3-point range setting a Nets record for most three’s in a debut.