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RHJ reveals gender of baby on roof of practice facility

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

It’s a boy! And he’s a Net since day one, just like his father.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson gathered family and friends together to reveal the gender of his baby on what looks very much like the rooftop players’ lounge at HSS Training Center. (That view gives it away.)

The pictures are great, but the video says it all.

Moreover, it’s no coincidence he wore his “CHAP” jersey, a philosophy he says he’s used his whole life which means calm, humble, and patient. He even hashtagged “baby chap”.

Then, of course, his teammates (who he texts) joined in on the fun. First, Spencer Dinwiddie, who announced the birth of his first, Elijah, this past April.

Then, Caris LeVert made it known that his babysitting expenses will not come at a discount.

Congratulations to Rondae, friends and family, and here’s to hoping he can hoop like his father.