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Allen Crabbe - Be True to Your School

From the time he was a toddler till he graduated from high school, Allen Crabbe attended a Christian school, the Frederick K.C. Price III Christian School in south Los Angeles.

As TMZ reported Friday. the school fell on hard times and this week it looked like the school was closing after it lost the backing from a local church.

Enter Crabbe. The Brooklyn Nets star agreed to keep the school open with a big donation to bridge the funding gap. TMZ said it’s unclear how much he provided for the cause ... but called it a “substantial 6-figure check.”

“I was at that school practically my whole life,” Allen told TMZ. “I’m just happy and feel blessed to be in a position now to do this.”

Bottom line: 175 kids don’t have to find a new school next year -- and school officials are telling TMZ it’s a “miracle.”