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What would make Brooklyn Nets fans thrilled this offseason?

If you look around SB Nation’s family of NBA sites you’ll notice a little theme happening this fine Thursday. Each team site is tackling key NBA free agency questions around what would make - insert team here; in this case, duh, the Brooklyn Nets - fans most happy coming out of this summer’s free agency.

Well, we took on the task and Mr. Net Income, Pooch and I each took a quick stab at answering a few questions about Brooklyn’s offseason.

We highly encourage you, fans, to do the same in the comments below.


LeBron James?

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I mean, yeah, right? But, seriously. Let’s take a quick look at what we think might actually happen.

Question #1: What can your team do in free agency that would make you over the moon happy?

Net Income: I see look at free agency the way doctors look at the Hippocratic Oath: Rule No. 1 “first, do no harm.” The Nets should have $50+ million in cap space and their own first rounder (YAY!) next summer. That hasn’t happened since they moved to Brooklyn in 2012. They shouldn’t jeopardize that. That said, they should try to clear the logjam at the guard position.

Pooch: Get a serviceable big that can split time with Jarrett Allen. Obviously everybody wants the big splash, but that simply isn’t happening in Brooklyn. If they get a big and they remain healthy then we should see some progress following a 28-win season.

Lorenzo: Spend wisely. Or, really, don’t spend at all. Save your money for next season. The Nets aren’t ready yet, so let’s not pretend like they are.

Question #2: What might they do that makes you super mad online?

Net Income: What they MIGHT do? Succumbing to a deal that would trade any of their long-term projects. Stay the course.

Pooch: Overpay for a RFA (i.e. Aaron Gordon). Wasn’t crazy about the strategy when they made the offer sheet to Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe in 2016 and then Otto Porter in 2017. Save as much money as possible for next summer.

Lorenzo: If they trade Jeremy Lin, I feel like Twitter might not be a safe space for Nets fans.

NBA: Preseason-Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Question #3: How likely is it that you are gonna be happy or sad?

Net Income: I think I may be initially disappointed, but on second thought, realize it’s not a short term plan. So, happy(er).

Pooch: I’ll be happy as long as they stay the course and continue to take this rebuild step by step. Used to love the big name addition entering training camp, but the Nets aren’t there yet and I think fans are cool with it.

Lorenzo: I mean, happy or sad? I think there’s little they can do that would make me “sad” - but I think dumbfounded is more of an option. But I’ll be happy. I generally am.