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Nets players react to Dwight Howard trade

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Reporters caught up a couple of Dwight Howard’s new teammates Wednesday and although D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie nor Jarrett Allen know the big man, all expressed optimism that he will help the Nets next season.

At Steve Nash’s “Showdown in Chinatown” Wednesday, DLo told Mike Scotto that the trade was “big time news.”

And in response to Brian Lewis, DLo talked about Howard, sort of like him last year, has a clean slate now that he’s joined the Nets.

Spencer Dinwiddie, like DLo, focused on what Howard can bring.

Meanwhile at a NBA jr. event at Basketball City, Allen said while he was disappointed that Timofey Mozgov wouldn’t be around any more, he revealed that Howard was someone whose game he tried to emulate growing up.

Obviously, the Nets will have to figure out how to play Howard and Allen, either together or in tandem. But that’s months away!

And one of Howard’s teammates, Steve Nash, offered this assessment...

“Guys are moving every few years very regularly. It’s just the nature of the salary cap and the business nowadays,” said Nash, teammates with Howard in Los Angeles. “Dwight’s got a lot of talent. Dwight knows if he plays hard he has a big impact on the game, and I’m sure he’ll come here hungry and able to help the [Nets] move in a positive direction.”

No word yet from the only Net to play with Howard, Jeremy Lin, who played together in Houston.