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Do Nets have interest in Europe’s Brad Wanamaker ... again?


David Pick, the European hoops blogger, reports that the Nets are among five NBA teams with interest in one of the continent’s top stars, 6’5” combo guard Brad Wanamaker.

Wanamaker, who played at Pitt and went undrafted in 2011, is also being pursued by F.C. Barcelona, Pick added...

The Nets have looked at Wanamaker in the past. Sean Marks scouted him in 2017 and may have given him a look earlier this year as well. In addition, Marks knows Wanamaker from when he played for the Spurs’ D-League champs, the Austin Spurs, in 2012 and when Marks worked in the San Antonio front office.

Wanamaker won the Finals MVP in the Turkish League earlier this month playing for Fenerbahce. It was the second time in his career he’s won the MVP in a European championship series. He was Finals MVP in Germany in 2015. He also won the regular season MVP in Germany the following year. He’s played in France and Italy as well.

He has a reputation as a top 3-point shooter in Europe, hitting near 40 percent over his career. Physically strong, Wanamaker can play both guard positions and is a solid defender.