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Jeremy Lin back in Vancouver for planned check-up

Twitter - @JLin7

Rather than heading directly back to Brooklyn from Shanghai, Jeremy Lin is in Vancouver at Fortius Sport and Health where he spent most of the off-season rehabbing. A final check-up of his right knee tendon, the visit was suggested by the Nets request and was planned before he left on his Asian trip, Lin has said.

In fact, Lin spoke more than once during the two-week trip about the check-up, how it fits into his rehab plan and how pleased he’s been with the Nets during his eight month long recovery from his Opening Night injury.

In an interview with Taiwanese media on June 2, Lin praised the organization, saying “90 to 95 percent” of the NBA’s other teams wouldn’t have gone the extra mile the Nets did with his rehab. He detailed just what the Nets had done for him following his Opening Night injury, a rupture of the patella tendon.

“I know I am blessed so much,” said Lin talking about the Nets organization. “The Nets have supported me so much. For my rehab in Vancouver, the car, accommodations, air fare, advanced rehab therapeutics were all paid by the Nets.

“They also had conferencing with Fortius weekly to put the rehab plans together. I will return to Vancouver first when I’m back from Asia. It’s the Nets who asked me to go back there to check my knee.”

In general, Lin said, the Nets treatment of him has been extraordinary by NBA standards.

“Not every team will do that,” he said of the Nets role in his overall rehab. “Most — 90 to 95 percent of NBA teams — won’t treat their players like that. So I really think they take care of me very, very well. “

Similarly, at a seminar sponsored by the Museum of Chinese in America last month, Lin said of the six NBA teams he’s played for, the Nets are his favorite.

“I’m not saying this just to say this, but my favorite team is Brooklyn because —obviously I’m there right now — I’m really close to my coach and also, the people that we have are all really good people. I really enjoy showing up to work everyday, working with them and I can honestly say, I’ll be friends with them when I retire.”

Lin has been working out with his teammates at HSS Training Center and expects to be cleared for full practice by September.