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Brooklyn Nets already back in the gym ... In Los Angeles!

DeMarre Carroll

Thirteen Nets are in the gym this week, but not at HSS Training Center in Brooklyn. Instead, the group — are working out and hanging out together in Los Angeles in a player-organized West Coast retreat.

After a series of tweets and other social media posts by Jeremy Lin and his fans, DeMarre Carroll tweeted out a “team photo” of the Nets contingent in what looks like the Hollywood Hills with the Pacific in the background.

The three Nets were not in the picture but Nik Stauskas was with the team as well, as this Instagram post from a Hollywood designer showed...

@brooklynnets at the office today

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No word on Jahlil Okafor, who’s been working out in Florida; or Allen Crabbe.

The player-organized trip first came to light on Jeremy Lin’s social media posts Tuesday, which were then re-posted by @linfinity88, a Lin fan, on Twitter.

In one Instagram video, Carroll is seen showing off some new duds. Lin offerdba critical appraisal.

Earlier in the day, Wednesday, @linfinity88 re-posted a short video of Lin doing individual training as well as he, Timofey Mozgov, Joe Harris and Cunningham hanging out in Mozgov’s Rolls-Royce. (Linfinity misidentified Cunningham as Chris McCullough.)

There was also video of Lin and Mozgov talking condiments.

There was also a quick video of Rondae Hollis-Jefferson playing Fortnite at Mozgov’s L.A. home.

The workout isn’t something the Nets front office could organize under NBA rules, but players can do so among themselves ... and they did.

In other off-season news, YES Network posted an interview with Harris who once again praised the Nets development staff.