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Woj Mock Draft has Nets taking Dzazan Musa at 29 ... as of now


Adrian Wojnarowski hosted the first of two televised mock drafts Tuesday night and there were a number of surprises, including that 6’9” Bosnian small forward, Dzazan Musa, would last all the way down to No. 29 where the Nets pick.

Woj had Musa, who just turned 19, joining Brooklyn ... if, of course, the draft order didn’t change. That’s highly unlikely in an offseason where capped-out, luxury-tax-paying teams are looking for salary relief, and know the easiest way to get there is by engineering salary dumps.

Musa has been slated in most mocks in the late teens or early 20s. Sean Marks personally scouted Musa in March. Here’s how ESPN explained his game last month when he declared for the NBA Draft...

His tremendous scoring instincts, combined with his size, make him an attractive prospect in today’s NBA, as he has proved capable of sliding into different lineup configurations, operating anywhere from the shooting guard to power forward positions.

But there was other news that could be considered Nets-related in the mock draft show where Woj was assisted by Michael Schmitz, who came to ESPN from Draft Express, and Seth Greenberg. Woj said that the 14th pick, held by the Nuggets, could be available in a salary dump involving Newark native, Kenneth Faried.

“The Nuggets have been trying to get off of Kenneth Faried’s contract for a year plus. They’re a candidate to use that 14th pick to get off of that salary,” said Woj without laying out possible scenarios. The Nuggets owe Faried, Wilson Chandler, and Darrell Arthur a total of $33.5 million next season and need to sign some of their young players, led by Nikola Jokic and Will Barton.

Faried is a 6’9” rebounder and defender whose offense is limited. He fell out of the Denver rotation last season, but is still on the books for $13.8 million next season. Barring a buyout of his deal — or Timofey Mozgov’s — any deal for Faried would clog the Nets cap room. They are already on the books for Mozgov’s $16 million next season and have to pay Deron Williams $5.5 million in dead money as well. Could Faried, who averaged 12.5 points and 8.7 rebounds two years ago, be next season’s DeMarre Carroll, a player rescued from a bad situation? He’s only 28.

Woj also had bad news for the Porter family of Missouri. He suggested that health (back surgery) and “teammate” issues could drop Michael Porter Jr. out of the lottery, and he didn’t even have Michael’s 18-year-old brother, Jontay, in the first round. Jontay checked into the Draft Combine with 13 percent body fat, one of the highest of the 60 players invited.

Among the other players who didn’t make Woj’s first round cut: Grayson Allen of Duke, Mo Wagner of Michigan, Hamidou Diallo of Kentucky, Jaren Brunson of Villanova, Jevon Carter of West Virginia, Elie Okobo of France, and former high school star Mitchell Robinson.

Here’s a tweet with screen shots of the first round picks.

This is the first of two Woj Mock Draft shows. The other will be June 18, three days before the Draft. That’s the one to take notes on.