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Did someone say Nets don’t text each other? Wrong!

Michigan v Louisville Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We know it’s easy to pick on the Nets. They’ve lost 177 games in the last three years and their attendance and TV ratings are among the worst in the NBA. But those of us who do follow Brooklyn’s team are pretty loyal and will move aggressively and with clarity when they feel the team has been wronged.

That happened Tuesday morning when Jalen Rose — talking about how the NBA is business, not fun — made the following comment to Michelle Beadle and Mike Greenberg on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

In case you missed it, here’s the quote: “I promise you, the Nets —they play right here in Brooklyn— Those players are not exchanging texts with each other this offseason.”

Really, Jalen? Really? This team that had a group play date in Los Angeles weeks after the season ended, one that attracted all but two members of the 15-man roster? This team who had a fat BBQ at JLin’s placed last week? This team whose players post Instagram videos of them fooling around .... and texting about it?

Rose hasn’t been that wrong since December 2004 when he thought his Raptors had gotten Richard Jefferson in the Vince Carter trade!

Almost immediately, there were outraged tweets, like this one from Flatbush and Atlantic, the official haberdasher of the crazed Nets fan...

Kristian Winfield of SB Nation reminded everyone of the fun Nets players are having this off-season...

In Brooklyn and Los Angeles...

Jeremy Lin noted that the team regularly gets together...

But the pièce de resistance came from a fan, Will Hanley, aka @Squills. Rose’s comment was a call to arms...

To wit: he composed a video (complete with music) filled with the Nets having fun and texting each other!! Who knew? Not Jalen...

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, Rose (sorta) apologized in a tweet to Lin, who was on a plane to Taiwan.

Indeed. As a matter of fact, the players took pride in how close they stayed despite racking up 56 losses. They spoke on it in exclusive interviews with NetsDaily.

“I know sometimes when you get this many losses, teams will start to break away from each other, stop trusting each other, but even the vibe around here is good,” said Allen Crabbe

“Everybody was coachable this season, nobody got down or tried to isolate themselves from the team just because we were losing games,” said D’Angelo Russell.

All in all, as Pooch says, at least he didn’t call them the New Jersey Nets.