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The Glue Guys: Allen Crabbe, Jarrett Allen, Mozgov Season Review

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Washington Wizards v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Glue Guys exhale now that the Nets pick is not in the top 3. Then they continue their Troika Nets Players Season Reviews with Allen Crabbe (scroll below for some Crabbe Stats), Jarrett Allen and Timofey Mozgov. Questions hit include was Crabbe that bad, how good can Jarrett Allen be and can the Nets trade Mozgov?

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I referenced some Allen Crabbe stats is dug up for the pod. I wanted to figure out how the quality of shot compared from Crabbe’s last season in Portland to his first season in Brooklyn. Particularly looking at how open he was when he took his shots. The theory was that he was more open in Portland because he was playing with Lillard and McCollum.

What I found was that, through NBA Stats tracking, the percentage of Open to Very Open shots Crabbe took (60%) was the same in Portland and Brooklyn. What was different is that in 16-17 season, he shot 45% from 3 on Open to Very Open shots. In the 17-18 season, he shot 39% from 3.

He was worse on catch and shoot 3’s this past season (17-18 41% v 16-17 46%). The most dramatic difference was on pull-up shots, including 2’s and 3’s. In 16-17 he took 2 pull ups a game for 46% overall. In 17-18 he tool 3 pull ups a game for 32% overall.

Brian found that one of the biggest drop-offs came at the top of the arc, where Crabbe shot double the amount of 3’s from that area this season compared to last (402 v 199). And his percentage on those shots dropped from 45.7% in Portland to 37.8% here in Brooklyn. He took fewer Near the Basket shots in BK v Portland (76 v 102), which hurt his overall FG% slightly since those shots obviously go in at a higher percentage.

The takeaway is that Crabbe greatly increased the number of 3’s he took at the top of the arc, hit them at a lower percentage. He was open just as much when shooting for the Nets as he was in Portland, but was made a lower percentage of those shots. And he slightly increased the number of pull ups he took (by one a game) but hit a far smaller percentage.