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Quincy Acy fined $25K for scuffle with Andre Drummond

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

David Aldridge and Shams Charania report that Quincy Acy and Andre Drummond have both been fined for their altercation in Brooklyn’s Easter Day loss to the Pistons. Acy was fined $25,000, Drummond $15,000.

Here’s what happened:

The league has not made a statement on the issue, but it’s safe to say the penalties could have been worse. Acy, who will make a little more than $1.7 million this season, inadvertently whacked one of the refs in the face when charging after Drummond.

Of course, Drummond initiated the scuffle by shoving Acy when the ref came over to separate the two.

“We stripped the ball, going for the ball, he shot an [elbow] and I overreacted,” said Acy post-game. “I felt like he took a swing. Things definitely got out of hand. It’s not how I’m supposed to act. We dove on the floor for a loose ball and he just kind of shot an [elbow]. I just overreacted.”

Drummond was not available for comment after the game.