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‘Bring out your busts, your whiffed picks’

sean marks casual San Antonio Spurs

A tall, hooded man roams the streets of a medieval town, his cart filled with goods, all stacked and sorted ... and he’s looking for more.

Who could it be, this mysterious hawker. The disclaimer at the beginning offers no clue: “The characters depicted in this cartoon, even those based on real people, are entirely fictional and all voices obviously impersonated.”

Take a look...

Yeah, it’s Bleacher Report’s “Game of Zones” and and gaunt specter is Sean Marks, complete with (flawed) New Zealand accent. He’s seeking “busts” and “whiffed draft picks” for “House Nets” ... as long as you compensate him with your own draft picks.

Sounds like a plan.

Kyle Lowry offers DeMarre Carroll. Marks wants two picks. Bryan Colangelo begs Marks to take Nik Stauskas and Jahlil Okafor who pleads that he is not a bust, now eats like a vegan, and can play defense ... really.

Doesn’t matter. Off he goes, being placed in the cart by an even more giant of a man, stoic and unsmiling, Russian perhaps.

It’s entitled, “Brooklyn Summer.” Enjoy.