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Marks cites player confidence at top of his list of team ‘growth’

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In an interview with Michael Grady of YES Network, Sean Marks said that player confidence is a big area of growth on the Nets this season, but noted as well that there is “ a plethora of areas ” where the Nets need to get better and again stressed the value of “continuity” —limiting roster turnover.

YES tweeted out what appears to be an excerpt from a longer post-season appraisal.

In it, Marks said there had been “numerous” areas of improvement, “one being there’s a belief in themselves. I think that’s going to continue to grow. ‘Hey, we can play with some of these elite teams.’ Look, we know we’re not there. We’re realistic about that, but again, the guys have gotten up for the big games. They’re starting to believe in their level of talent.

“You’ve got some of the younger guys who’ve come up one, two, three years in the program now, and who want that, who want more responsibility on my shoulders and that’s a great thing to have. So, it’s there confidence that’s growing and growing and growing. “

Asked what areas he hopes to address in the off-season, Marks said the team has a long list of things to improve.

“I think where the roster stands and where our franchise sort of sits right now, there’s many. There’s a plethora of areas where we need to get better ... here, here, here. That’s on an individual basis, that’s from a group standpoint. I think we’ll continue to tweak line-ups.”

Marks didn’t offer any details on what they plan, offering only “We’ve got some decisions to make at the draft, several picks there. Free agency will be another opportunity for us to add to the roster and then we have our own free agents.”

The Nets GM also again pointed to a role for keeping much of the roster intact.

“Like Kenny (Atkinson) and I have said, there’s something to be said for continuity,” said Marks. “I think numerous guys have done a heck of a job here and we’ll see where it all falls.”

Stefan Bondy, a frequent critic of Marks even though he covers the Knicks for the Daily News, tweaked the Nets GM in a tweet of his own.

Bondy was the Daily News last Nets beat writer. The newspaper hasn’t covered the team during Marks and Atkinson’s tenure.

At some point after the season ends in Boston Wednesday, Marks and Kenny Atkinson are expected to hold a press conference to talk about the team’s progress— and what to expect from from the team next year.