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Lin wants to raise $200,000 for girls in need during Women’s History Month

Christian Post

Last year, Jeremy Lin partnered with One Day’s Wages to raise awareness regarding girls education and human trafficking.

”Millions of girls across the globe are unable to get the education they need to provide for themselves and their families. This is due to unaffordable school fees, forced child marriage, lack of sanitary products when they reach puberty, and many other barriers. My hope is to shed some light on these issues, and invite you to join me in taking action,” Lin wrote on the One Day’s Wages website.

He donated the equivalent of one day’s wages and $100 for every 3-pointer he made —a total of $157,750— to the group and raised the group’s profile in a number of ways, including YouTube appeals.

Lin even traveled to Thailand last summer with One Day’s Wages and witnessed the impact of human trafficking and the lack of substantial education

Although he’s in Vancouver rehabbing from his season-ending patella tendon rupture suffered on Opening Night, Lin is continuing to work with the group. This year’s effort is called “Rehab for a Cause” a fundraising campaign and it’s tied to March, Women’s History Month. This year, the money will go toward “empowerment programs for girls,” according to the Christian Post.

“I’m taking my rehab one step at a time and working day by day so I can make a full recovery. While I focus on rehab, I’ve decided to also give this time a greater purpose,” Lin wrote on the ODW website.

He also had words for his fans.

“It’s been a challenging year to say the least. Last season I fought an injury and now I”m once again faced with an injury that has put me back in rehab,” Lin wrote. “Despite these setbacks and obstacles, I’m learning to be grateful for everything, especially my amazing community who supports me every day. I truly believe that every peak and every valley has made me stronger and shaped who I am today.”

To learn more about the campaign and check on its success, visit