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Long Island Nets defense fails ... and so do they

Long Island Nets

The Long Island Nets went into Friday’s game with the Windy City Bulls the G-League’s top defensive club. That didn’t last long. Four quarters later, the Bulls had smashed the Nets 129-114, losing only their second game in the last seven.

The game was ultimately a back-and-forth affair with the Bulls holding the advantage throughout the first half, going up by 45-30, then 60-50 at the half. Long Island moved ahead in the third, but the fourth quarter belonged to Windy City, who outscored the home team by 19, 45-26.

Long Island’s three Brooklyn players —Isaiah Whitehead, Milton Doyle and James Webb III— each scored more than 20 points. Whitehead, on assignment, had 24, while the two two-way players had 23 and 22, respectively.

Webb was easily the most efficient, shooting 7-of-12 overall and a torrid 6-of-7 from three. He added nine rebounds, four blocks, three steals and an assist in 36 minutes. After being given the green light on three’s following his signing from Delaware in mid-January, the 24-year-old Boise State product has shot 39.3 beyond the arc, averaging 16.7 points and 7.7 boards. Over the last five games, he’s put up 21 points, 9.6 rebounds, 1.8 blocks and shot 42.2 percent on long balls.

Whitehead had his 24 in 28 minutes, shooting 9-of-19 including 3-of-8 from deep. The Bulls two-way, Antonio Blakeney, a 6’4” shooting guard, was high for the game with 41 points and 11 boards.