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Crabbe closing in on Nets three-point record

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Four more.

That’s all Allen Crabbe needs —four more makes from three-point range— to break the Nets (New Jersey or Brooklyn) all-time single season record of 169 set by Deron Williams in 2012-13.

Crabbe, who hit 4-for-7 from three in Monday’s 118-115 win over the Memphis Grizzles, now has 166 makes this season, by far the most he’s had in his career for one single campaign. Last year, he had 134 in Portland.

In the win, Crabbe finished with 22 points, reaching 20 or more for the 13th time this season, and the seventh since February 7, when he netted a career-best 34. In his four years prior to joining Brooklyn, he had a total of 11.

Monday also marked Crabbe’s return after a two-game absence due to an illness, presumably the flu.

Sounds like dude was puking his brains out.

“That was a tough illness,” Kenny Atkinson said after Monday’s victory, regarding the state of his sniper. “He went through what we’ve all gone through. The throwing up, not being able to eat, all that stuff, for a couple of days.”

Referring to the Nets two wins since he returned, the coach added “I thought he was a difference maker in terms of his shot making. His shot making put us over the edge. He had a big offensive rebound in the fourth quarter I thought when it was a two or four-point game, so that was really good. He was excellent tonight.”

As for the record, for which Crabbe could break next time out on Wednesday night, the Nets $19 million man said recently that it doesn’t weigh on his mind a ton, but he did arrive in Brooklyn with a set of goals.

“I don’t really pay much attention to it,” Crabbe said after Nets practice on March 10. “Friends and family, they’re the ones who like to read the articles and look up all these stats on me and stuff. I just come in and play basketball; keep trying to develop myself as a basketball player, do what I can to help the team win.”

Atkinson, for one, thinks it’s cool, and hopes Crabbe will not only break the record, but set a new one next season, along with improving his all-around game.

“Yeah, that’s neat. That’s fun for all of us, not just the media, like, that’s great,” Atkinson said of Crabbe’s soon-to-be own record. “You could own a record and the way the league’s going, I think it’s a neat accomplishment. I know he can do better. I hope he sets a mark and then he sets another one next season because I do think he’s got a lot of room for improvement.”

Crabbe isn’t shooting as well as he did in Portland. He’s now at 36.5 percent after a hot March, when he’s hit 39.6 percent, more in line with his career number of 39.3 percent. But as anyone on the Nets coaching staff will tell you, Crabbe’s all-around game has improved as the year has gone on, particularly and his rebounding and defense.

Caris LeVert mentioned both the shooting and the other aspects of his game last week after the Nets beat the Hornets in Charlotte.

“Yeah that’s huge for us,” said LeVert, regarding Crabbe’s contributions. “He spaces the floor for us so well. People can’t help off of him, and when they do he’s knocking them down, and then defensively he’s been really good as well. He was guarding (Nicholas) Batum the other day and he (Batum) was pretty much a non-factor the whole game.”