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Jarrett Allen partners with 4-H kids to build ‘incredible wearables’

Brooklyn Nets

Jarrett Allen does it again.

You may remember that before ever stepping on the court as a member of the Brooklyn Nets in an official NBA game, Allen paid for haircuts and gave away school supplies for children in Brooklyn.

Two months later he took 25 kids Thanksgiving shopping in Queens, a story picked-up by ABC News, ESPN’s Big 12 Network, Fox and CBS among other outlets.

Shortly following that, he was one of several Nets who helped honor the legacy of Nicholas Naquan Heyward Jr, by providing new courts in Gowanus, Brooklyn, near where Heyward was killed at 13-years old.

Recently, he teamed up with 4-H kids to build wearable fitness monitors from scratch, an act shared and covered on ABC News. The gathering took place at the Nets’ practice facility in Sunset Park in late February.

As Allen continues to do things like this, expect to see his name more often pertaining to explosivity on the court, with random acts of kindness off of it.